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    For the first time, cellist-conductor Harry Wimmer is making available his library
of the great standard string-chamber orchestra repertoire as used in his concerts
at the Aspen Music Festivals and the Victoria (B.C.) Summer Festivals.

Taking part in these wonderful concerts were such artists as violinists Itzhak
Perlman and Pamela Frank, soprano Jan DeGaetani, composer Michael Tippett
and bassist Gary Karr.

The scores and parts represent Harry Wimmer's interpretations and were pre-
pared to help advanced yet inexperienced young players to master the music
with relatively short rehearsals. Bowings, dynamics (where needed) and cello
fingerings are by Mr. Wimmer. Violin and viola parts were fingered by the
eminent violinist and teacher Shirley Givens.

As all busy orchestra directors know, score and parts preparation is one of the
most time consuming and tedious aspects of getting ready for a successful
concert.Therefore this tested material should be of great musical and technical
benefit for the busy conductor.

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